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V Sons i; LIBRARY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE AUG 23 1966 LIBRARY pp^'f RNMFNj rrriir(i Tir"f liiii'iij \ f i CENSUS OF INDIA, 1911. I am told that these figures are considerably below the actual numbers. Our holy Prophet INiohammad promised us a Messiah who will come to revive religion in days to come, and we accept the fulfilment of these prophetic words in the person of our master, the founder of Ahmadiya movement ".

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The Hazara Wahabis were said in 1907 {vide Hazara Gazetteer of that year, para- graph 39) to be Karals, descendants of the converts of one Maulvi Mohammad Kasira, who visited the Karal country in 1845 ; and it was remarked that most of the leading families who were gained over by him had now abjured his doc- trines. Age distribution of population by caste, p 187 Age distribution of population by religion, variation in, p.

126 were returned in parts in the Malakand Agency, and in Kurram (none have been returned in agencies on the present occasion), and 2,580 in Hazara.

PART I —REPORT PART II -TABLES Ageuts for the Sale of Government Publications IN EUUOl'J^. t'..ii-talie ic Co., 10, Orauge Street, Leicester Square, W. Our return for Peshawar (83 persons) is larger than that recorded in 1901, but 1 am told that it is certainly defective, as the Wahabis have four or five mosques of their own in Peshawar city ; and the suggestion is that they have shrunk from recording the name of their true sect. One hundred and forty eight persons have recorded their sect as Ahamadiya, of whom 21 were found in Hazara, 199 in Peshawar and Sin Kohat. The sect does not differ from other Islamic sects in anv cardinal principle of Mohammadanism but in one thing.

The trifling figures on the present occasion (only 25 persons) suggest that the sect has now almost died out in the district ; and information supplied to me by the Deputy Commissioner confirms this view. Mir Alam, Extra Assistant Commissioner, and Maulvi Hayat Gul, who were the leaders of the Ahl-i-Hadis in the district, their followers have ceased to record themselves as such, and have merged into Mohammadanism".

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K-gan I'aul, Tioulm, Tniliiier & Co., t JS — 74, Carter Line, Lnilou, E. At one time this sect embrace d nearly half the Pathan nation, including all the Afridis of *^''? "Rafizi is a term commonly applied to Shias on the Frontier either from ri/a, abuse, because they curse the first three Imams and their supporters, or meaning deserters, because, a section of the Shias is said once to have deserted the standard of Zaid, a grandson of Hussain, because he refubed to curse the first two Imams". 73 Tirah and many of the Yusafzais But meddling with politics led to their fall : they were crushed by Akbar, and finally dispersed by Jehano-ir, and their tenets are now professed only by the people of Tirah, by many, but not all, of the Bangash of Kohat, and by a few adherents scattered along the trans-Indus Salt Range from the Kohat to the Dera Ismail Khan District.

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