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Originally I moved out to LA to pursue my fashion design degree. I had some issues with my business partners at the time and decided to leave the industry for a while and pursue my acting aspiration. There’s lots of yummy/fattening food they have out for us which isn’t a good thing considering we have to fit into our skin-tight dresses. It was an enormous, challenging, exciting experience. I remember hoping if anything let me just get to the top 3 so I can go to Canada and see my friends!

Started doing small extra roles on sets to music videos and eventually got better and better and here I am! I think the Diva Search definitely put me on the map so to speak. Lots of “hurry up and wait.” We work an average of 12-14 hours a day. Then we get out there, shoot an episode, that’s the fun part…when you’re actually playing the game cuz you really start to get into it. There really wasn’t a bad experience for me on RAW. You’d think I would say “losing.” But actually finishing 2nd place was the best thing for me. I would have said Trump but I already met him on Deal. My Indie film: The Boys and Girls Guide To Getting Down is opening in theatres March 16th, 2007.

Every so often I get in these super glamorous moods, in which I crave big, volumous hair and over the top make up.

Today, I was in one of those moods, so, I decided to wear my Leyla Milani clip-in hair extensions and dust off my smokey eye make up skills.

These are 20 inch long extensions and come with 7 pieces of hair in each package. I have tried several brands of clip-in hair, and these extensions are definitely some of the best.

The hair is very easy to style and holds up really well, with minimal tangling.

It’s really hard picking my favorite product from my line…just like you can’t really pick your favorite child, but if I had to pick 1 item, it would be I love mixing high end designer brands with lower end items.

As the runner-up in the WWE Diva Search, she’s one Diva you don’t want to mess with!Only in college football could we have a system that overrules the most basic evidence possible for deciding which team is better: head-to-head competition. Motto -- "Undefeated lives here."Coach of the Year -- Chris Petersen, Boise State. Disappointment of the Year -- SMU, which paid June Jones a fortune and got the same results it had from Phil Bennett for a fraction of the pay. The quarterback didn't play much the first half of the year, but he still accounted for more than 1,800 yards of total offense and 11 touchdowns. 13 that was caught on the carom, but the receiver was tackled at the 1-yard line as time expired. 30, MTSU got the ball into the end zone on the final pass for the game-winning touchdown. That's not to say Iowa is better than Penn State, Mississippi is better than Florida or Oregon State is better than USC. The dude has had two undefeated regular seasons in three tries as a college head coach. The Broncos' unbeaten season had to survive a Nevada pass into the end zone on the final play in Reno. The Mustangs went 1-11 in the first year under Jones, the same record that got Bennett fired in 2007. (Honorable mention to Toledo running back Morgan Williams, who came out of nowhere to rush for 330 yards in a single game.)Disappointment of the Year -- Miami (35). A lot of people still to this day recognize me from that but now I think Deal or No Deal is really the show that’s making Leyla a household name. Start out with hair, makeup, wardrobe which takes the most time, usually 3-4. Oh and some of us (gambler backstage) make a little extra money backstage by betting on some of the games or contestants. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Beginning in early February, you can see me in my own 30 second promo for the USA network promoting Monday Night RAW…it’s titled RAW FANNATION and it’ll air for an entire year on USA network.I am very content with where I’m at in my life professionally. I love solitude and every so often I go into my own world and do things for me…reading, watching a great film, listening to music. I had a great time shooting that and I’m really excited to see the final cut.

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